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Ventana Jennifer DiArenzo Woodburned Mini Surfboards

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Jennifer DiArenzo is among the most talented pyrographic artists in the world. She painstakingly wood burned icon Monterey Bay sea life and scenes into these 18 inch (46 cm) mini surfboards in a 24-inch x 24-inch frame. This is a one-of-kind art piece that will brighten any wall, spark conversation, and become a family heirloom instantly. 

This piece includes stunningly textured representations of Steamer Lane, the lighthouse that now houses the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, the world-famous Lone Cypress in Pebble Beach, the Western Flyer boat, a humpback whale, giant kelp, a great white shark, bottlenose dolphins, a California sea otter, and a Pacific red octopus.

The boards are slightly lifted from the canvas background to create a shadow effect, and each art piece includes a French cleat hanging system. 


Western Flyer boat

Each board was hand-crafted by master artisan, Martijn Stiphout on Alaskan yellow cedar offcuts from the reconstruction of the Western Flyer boat that John Steinbeck and Ed "Doc" Ricketts chartered into the Sea of Cortez in 1940.

The frame is made of Douglas fir hull planks from the original boat constructed in 1937. We left the wood rustic, so there’s still red paint, barnacle growth, and square nail holes from the original hull!Western Flyer boat


    Every time you see these boards on your wall, let yourself be transported to a boat watching the sea life in the Monterey Bay.

    About Jennifer DiArenzo

    Jennifer DiArenzo has a deep love of nature, she focuses much of her work, whether it be painting or pyrography, on wildlife and nature. Though she graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2009 with a degree in illustration, she has since expanded her range of work to include pet portraiture, graphic design, wood burning art, and calligraphy.

    Jennifer lives in a suburb just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband and their daughter and son, along with their Chocolate Labrador retriever. She works from home and is available for commissions.



    Surfboard - Ventana Jennifer DiArenzo Woodburned Mini Surfboards
    Ventana Jennifer DiArenzo Woodburned Mini Surfboards
    Ventana Jennifer DiArenzo Woodburned Mini Surfboards - Ventana Surfboards & Supplies
    Ventana Jennifer DiArenzo Woodburned Mini Surfboards - Ventana Surfboards & Supplies

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